Thank you for your support and advising! You have been a great help to me and I anticipate that you will continue to be for the remainder of my career here at Augsburg and beyond. I appreciate the work you do, your patience and your genuine concern for my education and experience here.
Lucreshia Grant, advisee
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I learned more from you than anyone else in my college education. Need I say more? [SOC 490]

I just wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave me while I was at Augsburg. Without your help, graduate school would still be only a dream for me.
Zach Sommer, McNair Scholar

I may have learned too much [from this course] about myself and others. Not a day goes by that I’m not thinking about impression management or the meaning behind symbols and gestures. I am not exaggerating when I say that this class is the most thought-provoking class since Intro. I learned a lot in many other classes but not the type of knowledge that challenges my perception of the world around me. [SOC 375]

James, Augsburg is beyond blessed and lucky to have a professor like yourself. I always learn more than I think I will when taking a course with you. While it was a lot of readings, all were necessary to have a better understanding of mental illness. We never waisted time and always had amazing class discussions. [SOC 395]

I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth out of this class. I thought it was extremely interesting. I even enjoyed the research paper. Not only is it interesting to learn so much on a topic, I got a great sense of satisfaction from completing it. [SOC 290]

I have learned so much. But most of all you have turned me into a stronger writer. The writing skill I have learned in this class has helped me in other classes and will help me in the future. [SOC 375]

The high effort in prompt feedback was impressive and much appreciated. [SOC 375]

You expected a lot from us and, in turn, we expected a lot from you. Hopefully, we performed to your expectations because you exceeded mine. [SOC 375]

The summer research I carried out is a highlight of my college experience and I am grateful you were my mentor.
Courtnie Higgins, McNair Scholar
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I would definitely assign this course an ‘A’—I feel I’ve learned more in this class than any course I’ve taken in the past—and I’ve been at three colleges with A LOT of experience. Your class has broadened my eyes more than I could have imagined with relevant material that was taught in an effective manner. You embrace the participation of all students and push them to strive for the best of their ability. [SOC 290]

You expected a lot from us and, in turn, we expected a lot from you. Hopefully, we performed to your expectations because you exceeded mine.
Anonymous Student, SOC 375

Best professor on campus. Always open to his students. Very demanding but not scary. Not afraid to have fun while still keeping students on track. [SOC 490]

This class is academically challenging, worthwhile, and relevant to my life and interests, enjoyable to be a part of, and I would highly recommend this course to others. [SOC 375]

You were always prepared and an excellent communicator. You were able to share your knowledge with us in a very effective way. You were always available and open to questions or comments. You were a wonderful professor!! [SOC 290]

I learned so much in this class! I believe, although this is the most demanding course I ever had, this is the most fulfilling course the college offers. [SOC 375]

I’ve never had such a dedicated professor. [SOC 375]

I think this course is valuable for a sociology major, but I think it should be considered essential for psychology/therapy majors. This class provides a level of critical thinking about my major that I hadn't really applied before and I am walking away with knowledge that will help me to aid those I work with in the future. (SOC 395]

You rock and you know it. Easily one of the best instructors in regards to commitment to education at Augsburg. Thanks for doing what you do. [SOC 375]